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We believe we do Mount Kilimanjaro better than anyone - so why not join us! We welcome anyone from outside of the UK  - to join one of our Kilimanjaro Group departures and share a great adventure with others - or to organise your private Kilimanjaro group trip with us.

If you want to join a Kilimanjaro Group Departure - there are 2 simple options:

- Book a 'land only' package with us - and sort your own flights out to Kilimanjaro separately, and meet us at the group's hotel in Moshi. We can ensure there is a transfer in place from / back to the airport as an option.

- Depending where you are coming from and what flight alternatives exist from your own country - it might suit to join our group in London as they set off from Heathrow Airport - and maybe  even take in a bit of pre-Kilimanjaro sight-seeing first.

With either option - you can choose any of the scheduled Kilimanjaro itineraries & departure dates - and also take advantage of our safari & Zanzibar trip extension options. The mobile APP will still all work fine - so you' ll feel part of the group - and we will communicate with just like we do with all our participants.

For groups wanting their own private Kilimanjaro trip  - the 2 options are still valid - and of course the 3rd is for us to book flights on your behalf - to / from Kilimanjaro.


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