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15 day trip

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100 km trek & 7,250 metres climb!

699 Expedition Kilimanjaro Western Breach

DAY 1 - Depart from UK

Your flight departure will be from London.

DAY 2 - Arusha

On arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport we transfer approximately 1 hour to our comfortable hotel in Arusha town, at the foot of Mount Meru. After freshening up we have a welcome lunch and meet our team of local guides who will be leading the expedition. In the afternoon there is the chance to relax before the welcome briefing, given by your AC Leader, UK Doctor and head local guide, and kit check. This evening we enjoy an evening meal together before an early night.

DAY 3 - Mt Meru: Mirikamba Hut 2,500 m - 3 hours / 10km

After breakfast we leave the hotel for our transfer towards Arusha National Park to begin our ascent of Mount Meru - Tanzania's 2nd highest mountain. You can expect to see plenty of wildlife on the 3 hour walk up to Mirikamba Hut (2500m) when we spend the night. This first day is very similar to a walking safari with a high chance of spotting wildlife including buffalo, giraffe and elephants, have your camera close by!

DAY 4 - Mt Meru: Saddle Hut 3,566 m - 4-5 hours / 8km

Today we walk upwards and out of the forest towards Saddle Hut. We expect to arrive after 4-5 hours of walking. After lunch there is an optional acclimatisation ascent of Little Meru (3820m). The vast African Savanna is laid out far beneath us. Today gives you the first taste of the expansive views that we will enjoy later during this challenge on the Western Breach. 

DAY 5 - Mt Meru: Summit 4,562 m - 10-12 hours / 18km

The climb begins before dawn. We steadily ascend for 6-8 hours over slabs of rock to reach the summit. The last hour of the hike you will scramble on a rocky ridge between the crater and inner cliffs of Meru. There are wonderful views of Kilimanjaro and of Mount Meru’s ‘Ash Tray’, the volcanic centre of the crater. We descend to Mirikamba Hut to rest after a long hard day. 

DAY 6 - Mt Meru: Descend to Moshi 3 hours / 10km

A relaxing descent back to the Park Gates via a different route, with lots of opportunities to relax and to spot as much wildlife as possible. Transfer to a hotel in Moshi town, close to Kilimanjaro, for a well-deserved shower and rest.

DAY 7 - Kilimanjaro - Umbwe Caves 2,850 m - 5 hours / 10km

Today we begin our ascent of Kilimanjaro. We transfer to the start of Kilimanjar's Umbwe Route. At the gate to the Kilimanjaro National Park we are introduced to the team of local guides and porters that will support us during our Kilimanjaro climb. From the gate at 1400m we set off up a good path into dense jungle to reach our campsite at Forest Caves. During the days walk you should be prepared for wet and perhaps muddy conditions. It’s this wet weather that supports the outstanding range of flora and fauna in Kilimanjaro's rain forest zone.

DAY 8: Kilimanjaro - Barranco Camp 3,900 m - 5 hours / 6km

After an early breakfast we continue to ascend quite steeply through the rain forest before emerging out into the high moorland zone. The character of the terrain changes completely, with numerous unique flora to take in, as well as increasingly impressive views of Kilimanjaro’s steep Southern Face. We reach Barranco Camp by mid-afternoon. Baranco is spectacularly positioned, above the steep forested Umbwe Valley and beneath the hugely impressive Western Breach and Southern Face of Kilimanjaro.

DAY 9 - Kiliimanjaro - Arrow Glacier 4,860 m - 4-5 hours / 4km

Today we ascend upwards to our camp positioned beneath Kilimanjar's impressive Western Breach. In good conditions, the views upwards towards the Southern Icefields will be incredible. We continue upwards, firstly through a wonderful valley then later up a ridge line to the foot of the final volcanic slopes and the Western Breach itself. Today you’ll walk past some of the most unique flora on Kilimajaro, including the iconic Senecio. We camp near the ruins of the Arrow Glacier Hut, directly beneath the Western Breach.

DAY 10 - Kilimanjaro Acclimatisation Day 4,860 m

Today is all about getting ourselves ready for the tough ascent to come. That means lots of rest, good food and hot drinks. This part of the challenge has a real expedition feel to it - acclimatisation, rest and preparation are key mountaineering components. 

DAY 11 - Kilimanjaro Crater Camp 5,730 m - 7-9 hours / 4km

Departing in the early hours we climb the steep scree, and later rock, that leads up the Western Breach and towards the Crater of Kilimanjaro. There are several sections of scrambling over old lava formations and past the Arrow Glacier. The ascent from the camp to the crater floor takes between 6 and 8 hours. We travel past the remains of the Furtwangler Glacier to our camp within the crater at 5790m. We spend the rest of the day, and night, resting and taking in the incredible scenes as we camp on the roof of Africa! Those with the energy may explore the glaciers and Ash Pit of Kilimanjaro's crater. Camping in the crater is an incredibly unique experience! You are tackling the highest mountain in Africa - via its most exciting and adventurous route.

DAY 12 - Kilimanjaro Summit Day 5,895 m - 6-7 hours / 12km

By twilight we have a short but steep ascent to Uhuru Peak (1 hour) the highest point on Kilimanjaro - and the African Continent, at 5895m. As we are camped so close to the summit, we can time our ascent to coincide perfectly with the sunrise. The morning sunlight provides spectacular views across the plains below and to Mount Meru in the distance; it will be an unforgettable morning! After soaking in the achievement, we then have a tough descent down to Barafu camp where we stop for brunch before continuing down to Mweka Camp. As we descend you’ll feel the heat of the day building up, owing to the strong Sun and also the lower altitude. Today sees the largest contrast of all; you’ll wake in the high Arctic zone, in the Crater itself, and descend all the way down to the Mountain Rainforest of Mweka Camp at 3100m - a day to remember!

DAY 13 - Kilimanjaro - Descent  3 hours / 10km

After breakfast we continue our descent to Mweka Gate. Breathe easy and enjoy the oxygen rich air as we descend through the rainforest and have a chance of seeing Colobus and Blue Monkeys.  A short private bus transfer takes us to our hotel in the town of Moshi, where we shower and restbefore celebrating our fantastic achievements through the evening into the night!

DAY 14 - Free morning in Moshi

Today we enjoy some free time before boarding our flight back to the UK. Some enjoy relaxing by the hotel pool; others will choose to explore the sights of Moshi, a medium sized town that will give you a real sense of African life.

DAY 15 - Arrive Home in the UK

Please note: this Kilimanjaro itinerary may be subject to change. 

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