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You will be amazed at the variety, quality & quantity of the food we serve to you whilst you are on your Mount Kilimanjaro climb. As you are trekking for between 6-9 hours a day (before summit night) you'll be burning alot of calories - and as you are at altitude - even more than you would at sea level.

Ensuring that you are well fed - and fully fuelled for climbing Kilimanjaro is paramount - so you've enough energy to get to the top. On all of our Kilimanjaro climbs you will be fully supported by a team of chefs, and cooking porters whom will cater for every dietary requirement and you will have 3 hot cooked meals a day - plus a plentiful supply of water and hot drinks.

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Daily Kilimanjaro Menus

Whilst each day you will be served different menus whilst on the climb the below is a guideline to what type of food you can expect on Kilimanjaro:

  • Breakfast - porridge, toast, sausages, cereal & fruit 
  • Lunch - soup, rice, vegetables, chicken, casserole, chips, sandwiches 
  • Dinner - soup, breads, stews, pasta, rice, vegetables, chips
  • Snacks at camp - on arrival into camp there will be salty snacks & biscuits
  • Each stop there will be purified water, hot water for teas, coffee & hot chocolate!

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Dining Tents & Teams

We have big mess tents for dining and socialising in - meaning that whatever the weather or temperature on Kilimnajaro there will be cover and shelter to enjoy each meal. The mess tents will be always up when you come into camp and at all lunch stops. If the weather is especially nice sometimes we will set up a dining tables and chairs outside to make the most of the views. Our mess tents and Kilimanjaro camping equipment are of the highest quality and will therefore always be warm, dry and a spacious area to relax in.

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Dietary Requirements

As long as we know in advance (so you tell us when you register onto your trip) we can cater for any dietary requirements for the whole of your Kilimanjaro challenge. If you've any questions or concerns about the food whilst on the challenge feel free to speak to our team and we can give you more information!

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Staying Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is crucial in the Kilimanjaro acclimatising process - and you will get dehydrated easily not just from the walking each day but by breathing in the air at higher altitudes. So we ensure that there is always a plentiful supply of treated and filtered water in the camp each morning/ night and at the lunch stops also. Depending on your physiology you will need to take in between 3-4 litres of water each day of Kilimanjaro trekking. Which is a lot of water! So many people find that taking electrolytes or flavoured cordial helps to keep the taste buds excited. There will also be hot drinking water at the camp eat morning/ evening as well as the lunch stop with a selection of teas, coffee and hot chocolate. 

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