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Available in the Apple and Google Play stores - search 'Action Challenge' and download. You can use the code 'KILIMANJARO' to find out more about our Kilimanjaro Challenges and how you can reach the roof of Africa!

Once you've signed up to a Kilimanjaro Challenge you will be sent a special log-in code for your trip specific Kilimanjaro App which will give you access to:

  • Challenge Manual

  • Kilimanjaro Itinerary

  • Kilimanjaro Kit List

  • Kit Discounts

  • Visa & vaccination advice

  • Kilimanjaro Flight Details

  • Kilimanjaro Training guides

  • Much more!

The Kilimanjaro App will be your go-to resource in the lead up to the trip and we will add more content the closer to your trip. We will also regularly send trip updates with notifications through the App - and close to your trip we'll open a messaging and photo sharing feature for you to meet your fellow Kilimanjaro trekkers!

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Welcome to the Kilimanjaro Challenge App! An exciting countdown to your climb - swipe right for highlights and to explore more about your trip. 

These sections are here to highlight what you can find in the App including how to prepare and plan for your Challenge, join our online community and what to expect next.

Check out the 'Need to Know' section for all Challenge specific documents including the Challenge Manual, kit lists, discounts, training guides and much more!

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